The Ultimate Glow Mask - Baeskinco
The Ultimate Glow Mask - Baeskinco
The Ultimate Glow Mask - Baeskinco
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~ 100% natural, high-quality crystals
~ Excellent vibration
~ Each crystal point/cluster is unique and may differ slightly in colour
~ Each crystal point/cluster is hand carved and may differ slightly in shape

What you get:
1 x Rose Quartz
1 x Clear Quartz
1 x Tourmalinated quartz
1 x Rainbow Fluorite 
1 x Amethyst Cluster

~ Rose Quartz ~
Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone of love - self-love, romantic love, love for family, friends, the Earth, the Universe and the Divine. Meditating with Rose Quartz surrounds you with a gentle, soothing energy and activates the heart chakra for the emanation of universal love and deep emotional healing.

~ Clear Quartz ~
Clear Quartz is the ultimate crystal for absorbing, storing, transmitting, transforming and amplifying positive energy and thought. It is a powerful, multidimensional crystal for manifesting prosperity and expansion of consciousness. This high vibrational crystal promotes clarity of the mind, aids in creativity, and is a great stone for clearing mental fog and blocks.

~ Tourmalinated quartz generator towers ~
In this powerful combination stone, Black Tourmaline grounds and cleanses the Quartz, which, in return, amplifies the purifying energy of its companion, as well as the intentions of the holder. Tourmalinated Quartz deflects from all negative energy and thoughts, unlocking all energy blockages in the body. It is a shielding stone of great psychic protection and grounding, to release stresses and nervous energy, and brings feelings of security. It is also an incredible good luck charm! 

~ Rainbow Fluorite ~
Rainbow Fluorite is known as the stone of mental order and clarity, linking the human mind to universal consciousness. It promotes independent, creative thinking and encourages decision-making, whilst purifying negative energies, and balancing and stabilising the aura. It is also effective against electromagnetic stress. Rainbow Fluorite is the best crystal to overcome any form of disorganisation, bringing order and mental clarity to chaos. Fluorite balances and harmonises the positive and negative aspects of the mind, allowing you to experience inner peace and quicken your spiritual awakening. 

~ Amethyst Cluster ~
Amethyst is an extremely soothing stone, and is good for psychic and spiritual development, bereavement and letting go of unhealthy thought or behaviour patterns. It is powerfully healing and cleansing, and can be used to block geopathic stress and negative energies in the environment, especially when a cluster is used. It is helpful in assisting sleep and relieving headaches, strengthens the endocrine and immune systems, acts as a pain reliever, and is a good all-round healing crystal.

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